RF – Metaphor of Life

In time for the 2012 ATP World Tour Finals comes two videos from renown video creator, JackTennis25. Carrying an emotional tone to it, a metaphor between the Swiss maestro’s career on court and life in general is highlighted. Ups and downs happen to everyone. JackTennis25 shines light on a personal side, that life is not always easy, but we must never give up. Life is full of many things, including tears, of happiness, and of sadness.

However his concluding message is “but we should never give up,” and “from defeats we learn and improve.” Check out the newest videos from JackTennis25, RF – Metaphor of Life (HD), and RF – Out of this World. See more of his videos on his YouTube and Vimeo channels.


Message from JackTennis25:

Please, if you have time, you can visit the site of this ONLUS (no profit social organization) (www.sorridiconpietro.it) foundation, which has a very ambitious project, to bring a little smile to less fortunate children suffering incurable diseases, for whom death is the inevitable consequence.
That association want to spent its money to finance the making of hospital staff highly qualified about palliative treatement, a special cures from the medical but also psycological point of view for people with tumors or others incurable diseases.

If you want you can help this project whith a little donation, we believe that everyone must have the possibility to hope.

We’re not equally lucky, unfortunately some people were not given any chance, we are not able to save them, but to give them a better possibility to hope, to stay as close as possible to loved ones.

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