Dear fellow Federer fans,

It has been an absolute honor, and highest privilege, to be a part of the journey we have been on. While we have not reached the part of the journey that is the end, just yet, I have been reflecting a lot this year on FedFan. A few days ago marked the eighth anniversary of the first article I wrote on this website. Titled, ‘For the Fans‘, it was the beginning of a website I had no idea how long I would write for, or what it would become. Every part of the journey so far has exceeded my expectations. The website grew, it brought on partnerships and sponsors, gained a following of website visits and on social media. I have seen Roger play several times, at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, at the US Open, at Match for Africa 4 and 5 in Seattle and San Jose, and at the Laver Cup this year in Chicago (thank you so much again, Wilson Tennis). I even got to meet Roger, twice :).

Starting as ‘FedererFan07’ and soon after going by ‘FedFan’, it has always been and will always be a very personal part of my life. From the early years, I was fortunate to link partnerships with Nike and Wilson Tennis, and have had some of the best experiences in great appreciation and thanks to them. Beyond the growth in website traffic or the sponsors though, was the extremely high level of engagement throughout, with you, the fans. The care to wanting to know Roger’s schedule, the details of his latest outfit or newest racket, or just to watch highlights of any of his matches – that is what FedFan meant to me.

As far as sports fans go, being a Federer fan means not only that you have seen the most amazing talent, unbelievable shots, and most joyous triumphs, but also some of the hardest defeats – and we are just the fans. It is a journey though, and we have seen Roger bounce back, recover, and persevere, time and time again. 20 grand slams, 310 weeks at world #1, 99 career titles (so many records), and counting.

The time has come now, though, for me to take a step back. I have had a growing desire to simply watch Roger play (or even practice), as a fan, just like you. I am still entirely in support of Roger as I have ever been. I will wake up early or stay up late, will cancel plans or move around schedules, just to watch his matches. I would like to admire his beautiful game, in person or on tv, without having to multi-task in managing the aspects of FedFan. I feel at this inflection point with Roger nearing the final stages of his career, that I am ready to make this transition. It is still not completely clear even after how much time I have spent thinking about this, if it means I am really retiring from FedFan or not. Retirements are not what they used to be back in the day, after all. However for the future that I can see until the horizon, at this time, I am content in making this decision.

Federer Nadal 2017 BNP Paribas Open

It has been my genuine pleasure all these years to write for you here on FedFan, and I sincerely thank you, so much, for all your support. Also a big thank you to Nike, Wilson Tennis, Team 8, Roger Federer Foundation, Tennis Channel, and Uniqlo. I hope you and your families have a happy New Years.

Yours Truly,