A Sunday night editorial is in order and this comes from recent remarks by 16 time grand slam winner Roger Federer. Typically neutral and quiet, Roger took a bold stand in his thoughts on the record number of retirements at this year’s US Open, in addition to other things.

Roger believes some of his rivals and other players on the tour are giving less than an honest effort. “I’d say 50% of them are unlucky because they’re not feeling well or getting injured or carrying an injury,” he said. “It comes out in best-of-five-set tennis. You can’t hide it, in my opinion. Could some guys finish the matches? I’m sure, but they didn’t decide to.”

“For me it is shocking to see so many retirements. I have never retired in my whole life, except once when I played against (James) Blake in Paris, but I didn’t even walk on to the court.”

“For me, it doesn’t matter how bad I’m feeling, I will be out there and giving it a try, because you never know what’s going to happen. Every player feels different. It’s unfortunate it happens for the fans, I guess.”

Moving onto matters of another article where Federer spoke out against cheaters. This is translated from French to English. Roger believes chair umpires are not doing enough to punish those who abuse the rules and waste time on court, between serves or points, or at any point in the match.

“A warning is not sufficient punishment, he said. That is even a joke. When I sit in front of my TV set and the players use and abuse of over-time, I, like any viewer switch channels . And it hurts me for tennis. Without going overboard and without prejudice sometimes extenuating circumstances, the offense should be punished by a penalty point and a fine no less. Only when touching the wallet of the players will it prove to be a deterrent. ”

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