Is Roger Federer testing out a new racquet?

Is Roger Federer testing out a new racquet? The Swiss maestro is in Hamburg this week, taking part in the 2013 bet-at-home Open, which he took a wildcard entry less than two weeks ago. In a photo posted on his Facebook page, Federer is seen serving, subtly showing a blacked out racquet. For many years, echoes have been heard suggesting the 17 time grand slam champion should switch to a larger head-size racquet. On the record, the Swiss has stated that he has considered other racquets, and has even tested some, but has chosen to stick with his trusted racquet over the years. The Wilson Pro Staff BLX 90 is the current variant of his racquet, which has always remained at the rather traditional 90 square inch head-size.

UPDATE: Roger Federer confirms switching to a Wilson 98 square inch racquet.

With several weeks off until the summer hard court season, Federer chose to play in Hamburg as well as in Gstaad next week. Both are smaller clay court tournaments.

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Of the photos below, this one is the clearest, showing Federer with the blacked out Wilson racquet. No markings, no paint job except the Wilson stencil. It is confirmed to be a 16 x 19 string pattern, with no resemblance to Wilson Pro Staff model characteristics. Head-size is only rumored; 95-98 square inches.


From Roger Federer’s Facebook page


Below are more photos taken by fans in Hamburg (not clear photos).



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Could Federer be serious about switching to a different racquet, or a different head-size variant of his current racquet? The most popular and closest version would be the Wilson Pro Staff BLX 95, although initial looks at these photos suggest a different mold of a racquet, similar or in fact a variant of the Wilson Blade.

See Roger Federer’s Nike outfit in Hamburg here. Watch full coverage of the 2013 bet-at-home Open on FF07tv.
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