This is the new Federer racquet. From Wilson, the Pro Staff Six.One 90 BLX. This is an update to the previous post, Official Federer 2012 Racquet: Pro Staff Six One 90 BLX.

Tonight, I got to see and hold the racquet. I also have details about the Pro Staff Six.One 95 BLX with a flat beam, and the Pro Staff Six.One 100 BLX, featuring a dual tapered design. See the new Pro Staff Six.One 95 BLX here.

Amplifeel. That is the technology Wilson is marketing in the new frame and line for 2012. Check out more photos below for views around the new racquet, including design, matte finish, specifications, and comparison shots with the current BLX Six.One Tour 90.

The racquet feels similar to the current BLX Six.One Tour yet is a bit different (something I have not yet figured out). As with the BLX model, the new Pro Staff Six.One 90 BLX deviates from the hefty characteristics of previous tour 90 models. This frame feels lighter yet maintains nearly identical specifications in every aspect to the current model. Subtle cosmetic changes are present as well, with less glossy finish, and matte finish all around.

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Here is a recap of the three new racquets of the Wilson Pro Staff Six.One BLX family. The new 95″ model is indeed a flat beam and it is an amazing new frame. I will try to have a special post for it soon. The new 100″ model is called a dual tapered beam, and it feels very similar to the flat beam style of the 90, and 95.

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25 Responses

  1. Meli

    Yes, I love the matte finish on the racket. Color combination looks great.

    Keep up the good work!!! =)

  2. James

    Hm, a bit strange. I thought the general refresh rate of Federer’s racquet would be another 3 years from 2010 when the BLX released. He used the Ncode and Kfactor 90 racquets for roughly 3 years each. Although this is branched as a prostaff line. Great to see they might bring that back. If it has a more crisp feel and response than the BLX 90, I’ll definitely get it.

    • MJC

      I think they updated the sticks a year early due to lack luster sales of the BLX line. Based on test reviews and the release of the PS 6.1 95 it sounds like they’ve listened to feedback. The general consensus is that the current BLX’s (2010/11) are too muted. Since when does muted = more feel? Can’t wait to try out the new PS 6.1 line. If they are as good as testers claim, I may have to pick up both the 90 and 95! I can see the 95 being a huge hit – a bigger lighter version of the ultimate players frame perfect for customization. I think it will appeal to a wide range of players (ones that need a lighter stick but like control and those who want a bigger head size than the 90 and/or want to customize the weight).

      • federerfan07

        Thank you for visiting FedererFan07! I agree that the new 95 will be a big hit, even though it is a bit lighter than the regular 95. The entire line should be released in about a month to 6 weeks time from today so it won’t be long before you can try it out!

      • MJC

        Yeah, having the 95 as a box 18mm frame is sweet! I’m more of a 90 player myself (I’ve been using the K90 since it came out and have the PS ST. V. 85). But after two hours of hard rallying it would be nice to pick up a customized 95 and take on any doubles challengers at the club! Both are enticing since I’m still getting my shoulder back to 100%…almost there. Playing with the K90 kind of slows the process down but it’s hard to leave! The new line might just be what the Dr. ordered!

  3. Jamel

    thanks for the information Federerfan07. The minute you find out the release date, please let us know. I guess Im over all pleased that the racket feel a tad lighter. However as you know I said over and over again, increasing that headsize would of been a miracle.

    • federerfan07

      That is correct, it is 12 points head light but that is part of the unstrung specifications. When strung the frame should be 8-9 points head light.

  4. John

    Is the beam really 17mm or 17.5mm? I hope it’s 17mm or less as the 17.5mm are sightly less nimble especially at net play.

    • MJC

      Yep, it’s 17.5mm just like the previous models. In past with the K90 they may have rounded down, but the new frame is identical in size and string pattern to the past two (BLX and K series).

  5. MJC

    Just ordered demo’s for the PS 90, 95, and 100 through the message board at Tennis Warehouse this morning. They should be here Monday! Can’t wait to try them out. Will post back with my findings. I currently play with the K90.

  6. Mark

    Roger seems to be miss hitting more shots then normal. Maybe a 95 Head size with 18/20 string pattern.. I know the racket is an 80’s style with a new paint job, lol..

    • federerfan07

      That may be contributed to his back injury (last few matches). The string pattern looks like 16 x 19 to me, and both the new Pro Staff 90 and 95 have a 16 x 19 pattern.

  7. Giorgio

    The new racket look vero similar to the six one tour but I have seen federer playing with and my feeling is that he suffer too often in control and this could affect his confidence during the match.