Nike+ FuelBand Review

As Nike says, with the Nike+ FuelBand, life is a sport. Every bit counts, and now you can track all-day activity and more. New colors are available since November 1, including white ice and black ice (the model used in this review). It comes in several sizes, and includes an additional clip to increase the size if needed.

Nike+ FuelBand fits comfortably on your wrist. In my use, because it does not move at all, it feels like nothing is there. To begin, you connect it with the cable provided to your computer, and go thru the easy setup at Once you are there, create an account or use your existing Nike account, and set some goals. Nike uses a term called NikeFuel, which they define as “a universal metric of activity.”

The FuelBand itself has a sports accelerometer inside, and tracks daily activity, including such things as running, walking, dancing. It logs each step taken and each calorie burned.

Anyone who uses Nike+ FuelBand can set their own goals, monitor activity online or with the Nike+ FuelBand app. With one button on the band, it is simple to switch between time, fuel, calories, and steps. The LED lights are the display, and along the bottom is a line of lights, going from red (to orange, yellow) to green. This highlights your progress throughout the day towards your goal.

Online or using the mobile app, you can share your activity with your friends or compete with your own records. Nike+ FuelBand is a great fitness band for everyone to use. Set a goal. See your progress. Stay motivated. Life is a sport. Make it count.

Available colors are black, white ice, and black ice. For more information about the Nike+ FuelBand and how to purchase one, visit Nike’s website here. – the #1 Federer site.