Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail

Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail Review

Wilson recently launched their newest Ultra racket line, designed for singles and doubles players seeking a racket that can provide effortless power for all shots regardless of the court position. The unique blend of modern design and technology has expanded the hottest part of the rackets sweet spot by 15 percent without compromising the needed feel. New technologies in the 2017 Ultra line also include Power Rib™ and Crush Zone™, both of which have been integrated to provide the player with greater power:

  • Power Rib is an enhanced racket throat geometry at a crucial bending and twisting area of the frame. This provides greater stability and stiffness that result in more power and increased directional accuracy.
  • Crush Zone is an innovative grommet system that compresses at impact and increases ball dwell time on the strings. The benefit of this technology is better feel and more potential energy that drives explosive power.

In addition, the new Wilson Ultra line features a new design DNA, comprised of clean lines, bold accent colors (midnight navy and bright blue), matte finishes and velvety paint adding valued texture and feel to the racket’s design. In addition, the 2017 Ultra collection is offered in six models to complement a variety of playing styles and body types.

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The review unit I was given was the Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail, weighing 10.6 ounces unstrung, with a 7 points headlight balance. The grip was comfortable and firm, similar to the previous model, but coming in black. The parallel drilling technology carries over to this frame, and with a 100 square inch frame featuring a 16 x 19 string pattern, it was effortless to swing with. The Ultra 100 Countervail brings easy power in a light, maneuverable racket. It is supported with a bit more firm feeling because of the Countervail technology which Wilson has brought to their other racket lines.

Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail

Seamlessly maneuverable from the baseline, the Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail has a large sweet spot with a well balanced 16 x 19 string pattern, which appeals to my preference coming from playing with Pro Staffs. I like the new design better than the previous generation as well, balancing a subtle, slate color with a glossy blue. The matte finish on the throat reminds me of the Pro Staff RF97, with a sleek feel while playing and switching between forehands and backhands. My favorite part of reviewing this racket was on serves, as it brought a great blend of power and spin, allowing for more risk on second serves with the extra kick action.

While not the fastest racket up at the net, it felt sturdier than the previous generation Ultra 100, again backed by the Countervail technology embedded in the frame. Overall the Ultra 100 Countervail is a light, easily maneuverable racket, aided with new sense of firmness, making for a great choice for those currently playing with previous Ultra and Juice models, as well as anyone looking for a fun new frame with great power and spin.

Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail

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