After completing one week of training with Stefan Edberg, along with training with a new racquet in Dubai, Roger Federer is preparing for a strong 2014. Sweden’s daily paper, Svenska Dagbladets (SvD) recently quoted Edberg about spending time with the Swiss maestro and speculating thought on a coaching relationship. The Swede won 6 grand slam titles in his day, and also made a racquet change later in his career, which could lead to great insight if Federer does begin the new season with a larger head size racquet.

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“I was very surprised (that Federer asked) because it’s so long since I left tennis. But I was also very flattered that Federer just got in,” said Edberg to SvD.

“I’ve never really thought about coaching and if it had not been Federer doing the asking, honestly, I would not have been interested.”

Stefan Edberg is one of the best representatives of serve and volley, a style of play that has become increasingly rare after the transition to slower surfaces and balls.

Federer is definitely a master of playing style and Edberg thinks the Swiss would have much to gain with a more offensive game than the one he has shown in recent years, when he was often “stuck” in hopeless baseline duels, especially against Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

Edberg Eager to Coach Federer, If Asked

“Yes, of course I have some comments as to what he needs to change and evolve, but it wouldn’t be fair if I sit here and talk about it.”

But did you express it to him at the training camp?

“Yes, it was the idea of ​​the camp that I would give my views and come up with some feedback. He wants to try some new things. Plus, we got time to know if we got on together.”

And did you?

“Yes, he’s a great man both on and off the court and I have the utmost respect for him.”

Training in Dubai with Pierre Paganini (long time personal trainer). Video from official Roger Federer Facebook page.

He is 32 years old and this year he had his worst season in a long time. What do you think about his future?

“It feels like he is on time and I think he will be coming back. He’s a great player and all the pieces are in place, he can definitely win some more Grand Slam titles.”

In some recent seasons Federer has hired coaches only before and during the biggest tournaments and only this sort of approach is likely, if he should have Edberg at his side.

“It’s a matter for us to find time to fit it in. If we do, I’d be more than happy to help him.”


The 17 time grand slam champion will begin 2014 at a new stop, the Brisbane International, beginning December 29. In earlier news, the Swiss star and agent Tony Godsick formally created their new agency, Team8.
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