Roger Federer. PeRFection Video IV

The maestro of Federer videos. Greatness pours out of each video he creates, the artistry of the transitions, high definition video montages, clipped appropriately with the best audio commentary. JackTennis25.

This video is an emotional one, dedicated to the loss of his 17 year old cousin, who died in May to rare form of cancer. JackTennis25 created an Onlus (non-profit social organization) in his honor. He asks, if within your financial ability, to donate to this Onlus using the IBAN code. Every bit counts. The information is provided below.

Myself for FedererFan07 express my feelings, thoughts, and prayers for my good partner JackTennis25.

IBAN CODE: IT65R0333210500000000715304
Bank name: Banca Passadore, Italy
ONLUS name: Sorridiconpietro – the #1 Federer site