First of all, I am receiving a lot of messages about how currently, you are unable to send messages to me from mobile devices or through other forms of communication. I agree, there should be alternative ways for you to leave your messages and feedback when you’re not on your computer. I understand many of you are viewing my site on your mobile devices and the Meebo chat box does not show up but you are on other social apps and would like to send messages or tips/questions/etc to me.

So I would like to know, what social platforms are you on? FedererFan07 is now being visited from all over the world. In the Meebo chat box or by email to, tell me what you use on your mobile devices to chat or communicate. I will look to addressing this soon so you can contact me directly or leave messages when you’re on the go. Thank you very much.

Moving on, this is a quick update to the previous post where I posted some photos of the Nike Summer 2011 catalog. You can have a look at that again by clicking here.

Now these were emailed to me by a fan and it is noted that what you see below in red will be Roger’s French Open gear, while the blue is Rafa’s French Open gear. Below are some better quality pictures so check them out. All photos are in medium size. Click them to view in full size.

First, some different angles of this cool looking red and white shoe, with the RF logo on it.

Roger’s gear:

Rafa’s gear:

Looks pretty cool to me. What do you think? Leave your thoughts and feedback with Meebo chat in the right sidebar. Nike Fall 2011 including (unfortunately small photos) shoes will be coming soon.

Thank you for visiting.