Wilson Burn FST

New Wilson Burn FST Racket Coming in 2016

Earlier this year, Wilson unveiled an entirely new racket line, the Burn. Coming in 2016, is the new, Wilson Burn FST. The new frame is designed for the modern baseline player, focused on racket head speed, while featuring octagon frame geometry and an X2 ergo handle.

Now available: Wilson Burn FST Review


The sport of tennis has never been faster. The Burn FST (fast speed technology) gives baseliners a racket that increases their racket head speed to catch up to the pace and speed of today’s game. The Burn FST allows players to play a more aggressive and powerful game.

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The BURN FST is powerful combination of optimized construction and the latest in racket technology and materials:

• FST OCTAGON FRAME GEOMETRY allows air to flow around the frame and cuts through the air at any angle of attack for fast racket head speed.

• PATENT-PENDING X2 ERGO HANDLE allows for an optimal, personalized feel on two-handed backhands. Wilson Labs developed a customized and ergonomic handle shape to provide the ideal form for the top hand for the modern two-handed backhand. This allows players more power, versatility, leverage, and feel.

• HIGH PERFORMANCE CARBON FIBER offers increased frame stiffness for aggressive, explosive power.

• RACKET THROAT FEATURES TEXTURED FEEL on key touch points to provide additional feel for extreme grip changes.

• PATENTED SPIN EFFECT TECHNOLOGY (on the BURN FST 99S only) delivers increased spin, without players needing to change their swing.

• STEALTHY, SLEEK GRAPHICS with racing stripes highlight the edges of this racket’s unique frame geometry.

New Wilson Burn FST Racket Coming in 2016



Built for aggressive baseliners and big hitters who play predominately from the Baseline and are looking for the fastest racket possible, the BURN FST delivers a powerful and explosive punch. As one of the only rackets available today optimized for the modern two-handed backhand, players will enjoy a customized feel that compliments their grip style and game. This is a racket for the hungry, aggressive player, who wants to not only reign in their shots, but their competition as well.

The BURN FST will hit tennis retailers around the world in Q1 2016.

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