Former World No.4 Pat Cash showered praise on 17-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer, saying that the latter has raised the bar of the sport. The retired Australian and 1987 Wimbledon champion spoke about the Swiss maestro’s unique playing style, the smoothest ever seen in the sport.

“Federer raised the bar, there’s no doubt about that, and he raised it so quickly,” Cash said. “He’s a beautiful player. He can do everything. Some players come along and change the game. Bjorn Borg changed the game, Lendl changed the game, and Federer changed the game.”


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Pat Cash: Roger Federer is a Beautiful Player

“Federer came along and he had everything. He is beautiful to watch, so elegant, and the way that he moves is phenomenal. I love watching the way he moves. And he’s very different, with very flowing shots,” he continued.

“Technically, there are some weird things in his game… he was the first player to do certain things, with his head positions. The main thing was his head position, as after contact he keeps his head right down, which is very rare. You hardly see that. It’s like his head is stuck. Its one thing to watch the ball until contact, and another to keep the head stuck down after the shot.”

“He’s incredibly flexible. But he’s had problems on his backhand, in that he can’t generate as much pace as he needs to against certain players. If Federer had played in an era when they had quicker courts, he would still be winning grand slams. He has come along at a time when everything is slowed down.”

Source: Tennis World USA
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