Andy Roddick interviews Roger Federer for FOX Sports

Andy Roddick retired nearly one year ago to the exact day, and since then, he’s transitioned into broadcasting. Recently joining FOX Sports, he sat down to interview his main rival in their younger days, Roger Federer. The questions were unique, and even addressed the respect and mellow celebration of the Swiss maestro’s Wimbledon 2009 triumph over the American, 16-14 in the fifth set.

At one point, Federer names the late Peter Carter as the one person having most impacted his career, pushing him into overdrive. “He would want me not to waste anything.” The Swiss even admitted a mild regret that he wished he could have realized his potential “maybe 2 years earlier,” but he later went on to explain that it may have been good for him to get all of those moments out of his life before ascending in his career.

Watch the full interview below.

Roddick Federer FOX Sports interview

Andy Roddick interviews Roger Federer for FOX Sports

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