Federer: “I want to be a danger everywhere”

Fresh off his 5th title in Basel and 68th of his career, Federer has regained confidence as the season draws to a close. With only two events remaining for the Swiss maestro, he was asked about how he’s feeling in the final push toward London (World Tour Finals).

“I’m feeling ready and fit and fired up, that’s how it’s supposed to be,” Federer told reporters. “This is the last push of the season and I’m ready for it. It’s been a great start to the autumn, I think my pause [Federer chose not to play the Asian swing] paid off. I’ve got different priorities than some of the younger guys who are ranked around me, I needed to take that time off, it was best for my mind, my body, my family and my fitness.”

Federer later said that “there is a lot of tennis to be played until the end of the season and it will be packed in early 2012. I want to be a danger everywhere that I play.”

By saying it will be packed in early 2012, is he hinting at playing Davis Cup vs the USA in the first round? Hearing Roger say he wants “to be a danger everywhere” is enticing. Federer has his eyes on more trophies. Here is Roger with his trophy while treating the ball boys and girls to pizza.

Next up for Federer is this week’s Paris masters. Check out the draw and stay tuned for more on the Swiss maestro’s next match as it approaches.

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