Wilson Burn Review (2015)

In addition to the evolution of Wilson’s Blade line for 2015, the company launched an entirely new line, called Wilson Burn. The new frames are the racket of choice for top pros Kei Nishikori and Simona Halep. The whole idea is booming power and spin, built for baseline players. The Burn line also features new technology, including a rounded beam for an enlarged contact zone, perfect for aggressive vertical swings. Just like the new Blade line, the Burn comes with parallel drilling for a larger, more forgiving sweet spot. The carbon fiber frame adds stiffness for explosive power, and a new, X2 shaft features a longer handle to help two-handed backhands have better feel with extreme grip changes.

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The Wilson Burn line comes in four models, the Burn 100ULS, Burn 100LS, Burn 100S, and Burn 100. All models (except Burn 100) are packed with spin effect technology, including an 18 x 16 string pattern. The review unit I was given by Wilson was the Burn 100S, weighing in at a light 10.7 ounces (about 11.3 oz strung). The black and orange paint job is flashy, and the racket itself has lots of power.

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Wilson Burn Review (2015)

I found the Burn 100S to swing effortlessly. Groundstrokes felt lively as the ball flies off the strings and offers lots of spin. The frame feels light yet has a relatively high swing weight, and held its own against pace at net as well. Putting spin on your shots is a breeze, and the racket provides a comfortable feel all around. My favorite part of playing with the Burn 100S was on the serve. The amount of power you can generate serving bombs up the middle or hitting kick serves out wide to the ad-court is incredible. For those who might feel the Burn 100S is too light, lead tape is your friend, but keep in mind the racket is already about even balance when strung.

The Burn 100S is a great new racket from Wilson for all players seeking effortless spin and enormous power. Juniors will especially enjoy playing with this racket or one of the other new Wilson Burn models. Burn the baseline!

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