Roger Federer. Rod Laver. The Legendary Warm-Up

One for the ages. A sight which cannot go missed. Stepping onto the court named after him, Rod Laver, took the sold out crowd by surprise in suiting up in his tennis whites. The Rocket was greeted with a standing ovation. Then came the legendary warm-up with Roger Federer. It was the first time in history the two legends came face to face on court.

The crowd and millions watching live on YouTube were in great appreciation. Laver, 75, held his own and approached the net, engaging Federer into a reflex volley duel. The Swiss maestro was grateful for the honor to be on court with the Rocket, and the two exchanged their respects afterward. Over the years, Federer has gained much insight and knowledge from his time spent with Laver. A couple emotional moments come to mind as well.

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Roger Federer. Rod Laver. The Legendary Warm-Up (via Australian Open YouTube Channel).

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