Former Coach Higueras: Roger is Very Generous

In his career, Roger Federer has worked with a few coaches, including Jose Higueras. Credited for adding the drop shot to the Swiss maestro’s repertoire, the former coach recently spoke about Federer’s down to earth nature in an interview.

“What I remember most about my time with Roger was his generosity and his humanity. Others may have big egos, but Roger didn’t. I recall that Roger was always generous with those around him, and always knew how to put people at ease. I remember my first tournament with Roger, on the clay in Estoril, and Roger had this driver all week, pretty much at his disposal to take him from the hotel to the stadium, or wherever he wanted to go.”


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Former Coach Higueras: Roger is Very Generous

He further added, “Roger got to the final, and on the way to the match, Roger said to the driver, ‘Are you going to watch?’ And the driver said, ‘No, we don’t get tickets’, so Roger made sure that the driver got tickets. It was those small things that stay in my mind. Roger showed that he could be very considerate, and that he could have time for others.”

Source: Tennis Earth
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