Despite today’s set back in Shanghai, Roger Federer is still looking forward and aiming to reach the ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 Arena in London. Due to Andy Murray’s withdrawal (back surgery, recovery), the ninth spot in the rankings will qualify. The Swiss maestro has won the season ending tournament a record six times, going undefeated in five of his six titles.

“I still feel I’m heading in the right direction,” said Federer. He plans to play the Swiss Indoors Basel and the BNP Paribas Masters in Paris. “I’m just going to focus on trying to play well…I’m just going to try to have a good tournament in Basel and Paris. In the end, if I get the invite [to London], I’ll be there.”

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Federer Still Aiming for London World Tour Finals

The former World No. 1 has struggled with the effects of injury in 2013. “I’m running [behind] with practice, because of the issues I’ve had this year,” said Federer. “I really believe the extra week of practice, spending at least three hours on the tennis court everyday for seven straight days, is very important for me right now,” he added. “So clearly that makes me a bit more vulnerable in the early rounds.”

“I can still finish strong. I believe that. There’s not much time left. But if I do qualify for London, that gives me an extra shot there. I usually play well indoors. So I hope this year’s going to be one of those years again.”

Federer vowed to continue to work hard in his bid for London. “It’s pretty simple: you just keep on working hard, make sure that you get back on winning ways, then you become confident again. I’m still losing against good players. The level of play is very good. But what’s important is if you do play the right way and you move the right way, then all of a sudden that margin you don’t have right now, you get it back. It’s just important not to like worry too much, to be honest. It’s important to keep on doing what I’m doing. Obviously I might get tougher draws as we move along with my ranking not being in the top four anymore. But that’s okay… For me it’s just important to keep on enjoying what I do.”

Source: ATP World Tour
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