Nike tennis 2014. Federer in all white?

Roger Federer admitted today that he once considered wearing all white on on court for a year. The Swiss maestro is in Dubai this week for the 2013 Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, and spoke about speaking with Nike about colors and designs for outfits up to 18 months ahead of time. Federer already knows his Wimbledon outfit for 2014, which gives plenty of cheer for his fans, knowing the Swiss intends to play on.

“I actually thought about that: what if I just wore all white for a year or something?,” said Federer. “But I thought about it, because I read a piece about someone saying that it’s a pity that the players don’t play more in white. Yeah, it’s so true. It’s so pure if guys would all just walk out in white. I guess we can push the envelope a little bit in tennis.”


However the idea of it fell apart as the Swiss maestro thought it through. “We’re talking about one and a half years away,” he said of the detailed forward planning he and the company go through to design his 10-12 new outfits per tennis year.

“If I come to Nike and say, Okay, no more colours, all white, I don’t know if I want it and Nike wants it and if the fans would like it, I don’t know.”

Federer said such is the design pipeline that he already knows what colours he will be wearing at Wimbledon 2014, 15 months down the track. “We’re already talking US Open (2014) and fall already. It’s because the shops and everybody (retailers) wanting to know what they’re going to buy from the Rafa line, my line, and so forth.

“So it’s incredibly ahead of schedule. Sometimes you really make sure you don’t miss the deadlines that they tell you, you know, Feedback, please. And you linger around, and next thing it’s like, Sorry, too late now. You’re like my mistake now. So maybe there you go. You have the stuff you maybe didn’t want to wear.”

Source: TennisTalk – the #1 Federer site