Hingis will return at 2012 Australian Open; Federer-Hingis Olympic pairing closer to reality

The Herald Sun reports that Martina Hingis, 31, is expected to return to grand slam competition by taking part in the 2012 Australian Open (which will mark the 100th edition of the men’s championship). A partnership with Federer for the London Olympics later in the year has been heavily rumored and touted. However, Hingis must compete and accumulate sufficient ranking points to be eligible for play in the 2012 summer games.

Hingis has competed in World Team Tennis events this past summer but has yet to play in top tier events since her last retirement in 2007. She has won many “youngest-ever records,” including the 1997 and 1999 Australian Open women’s singles titles. Even at 31 years of age, she remains one of the most charismatic players in the world.

As to the possibility of Federer and Hingis pairing up for mixed doubles at the 2012 Olympics, there is still plenty to be figured out before a final decision be made.

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