Forbes: the Federer brand is #2 among all athletes

Roger Federer is just too good. In a world dominated by celebrities of music, acting, media, sports athletes have created their brands and it is on the rise. Even so, sports like soccer, basketball, and golf represent brands where most of the money and recognition remains. Well Roger has shaken that up. The news comes in from Forbes via the ATP World Tour.

Federer’s personal brand has been valued at $26 billion, the second most valuable athlete brand in the world. Forbes writes: “Federer holds the most impressive endorsement portfolio in all of sports with 10 major deals, including a Nike sponsorship that is the most lucrative in all of tennis. He is also the only one of Gillette’s original 3 “Champions” to have his deal renewed this year as the brand dropped Tiger Woods and Thierry Henry.’ Forbes still rates Woods as the most valuable athlete brand.

Photo via Getty Images: Roger Federer’s RF logo displayed on back of his shoes

Forbes earlier this year ranked Federer #25 overall in its annual list of the world’s 100 most powerful celebrities. Of the 100, Federer was #1 in the sub category ‘press rank,’ a reflection of the amount of media coverage a celebrity receives, including magazine covers.

An A-list of celebrities including Lady Gaga (#2), Oprah Winfrey (#7), Justin Bieber (#8) trailed Federer in ‘press rank’.

To give another sense of how distantly high Federer is on this list, Maria Sharapova is #8 and Cristiano Ronaldo is #9 in athlete brand value. A summarized list of the top athletes’ brand value according to Forbes:

Tiger Woods $55 million
Roger Federer $26 million
Phil Mickelson $24 million
David Beckham $20 million
LeBron James $20 million
Kobe Bryant $14 million

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