Roger Federer, along with Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych are been featured in GQ’s 20 Most Stylish Athletes of 2013.

Introducing the Top 20, GQ Magazine wrote, “…there’s now a full-blown style revolution happening in the world of sports. The resulting crop of sharp-suited athletes are challenging even the savviest Hollywood A-listers and sidewalk peacocks for the title of best-dressed celebrities on the planet. Here, we present 20 ballers who constitute the cream of the crop.”


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Federer Named Among GQ’s Most Stylish

Federer came in at #7 in the list, which was topped Miami Heat star LeBron James. “’Grand Slam’ is a title that could just as easily be applied to Federer’s off-court style as the tennis ace’s graceful moves on clay or grass extend to the red carpet as well,” wrote GQ.

“Federer favours subdued colours and simple menswear mixes, usually anchored by a crisp white shirt, and the timeless kits are what separate him from athlete pack. Even his white Nike-sponsored uniform, with interlocking gold initials, looks more like luxury menswear than any performance piece in play.”

Murray was ranked No. 18, while Berdych closed the list at No. 20.

Source: ATP World Tour
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