Fans teary to meet Federer

Swiss maestro Roger Federer sat down to speak with the press as he reached Argentina. Fresh off his Gillette Federer Tour, he will participate in a series of exhibition matches against Juan Martin Del Potro. In an interview for Tages Anzeiger (via, Federer discussed how overwhelmed Brazilian fans have been in meeting him on his exhibition tour.

“I met more fans that collapsed in tears than elsewhere,” he said. “It was amazing how many were shaking, had great joy and began to cry, so I take to practically take them in [my arms] and had to say: ‘It’s okay, it’s okay.’ I’m sure they are glad to see me, it’s probably a certain euphoria…I have to constantly remind myself again about where I come from, and tell myself who I am. I also like the normal life still – back to reality, family, friends, just quiet, please. And then, sure, sometimes I dip into the other incredible life I have.”

For 2013, Federer has left out Davis Cup and his home-country tournament Basel, which has stirred some talk back home in Switzerland. The Swiss star addressed his decisions, thinking long term.

“I’m not be afraid to make unpopular decisions,” he said. “I plan long term and hope to [play] Davis Cup maybe in two, three, four years. But no one thinks, because everyone is so [overtaken] by the moment. And they do not understand what I’ve been through everything. In some countries [Davis Cup] is not important and for others it’s very important. Such decisions I don’t make from my gut, but weigh them over months. Now I came to the conclusion that for me it was probably the only right decision is (not playing against the Czech Republic in early February). I could have played [Davis Cup] but then I would only have [scheduled] four or five Masters 1000 tournaments instead of eight or nine.”!

Federer’s biographer, Rene Stauffer, conducted the interview, and believes that the 17-time Grand Slam champion will eventually work something out with the Basel tournament and play it in 2013. Federer says there have been communications issues with the tournament, and the decision does not rest on how much of an appearance fee he will be paid.

“I’m aware that from both sides the good will is there and that it will also come out well in the end,” said Federer. “Ultimately, however, it was presented as if I do not know everything and my home tournament was no longer important. That is absolutely not true.”

Federer is reportedly earning $50 million a year off court and is estimated to being paid around $12 million for his tour of Brazil, yet he believes he is not being overexposed. He recently signed a new contract with Moët & Chandon.

“It is important that I’m not omnipresent, especially in Switzerland,” Federer said. “I don’t want to have Federer-overkill and therefore I say: less is more.”

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