Video: Federer says he’ll play 3-6 years

Roger Federer told the press in Rotterdam that he has no intentions of leaving the sport soon. It has always been a notion of thought that the Swiss maestro would near the end of his illustrious career after the London Olympics or within a year afterward. The all time grand slam leader and 2012 Rotterdam champion spoke about former soccer star Marco van Basten who unfortunately had to retire young because of injury. The Swiss maestro noted legend Andre Agassi for playing until age 36, and his own plans to keep playing as long as he can.

A swift mover on court, Federer has been the gold standard in tennis and sports for longevity and performance. With stating plans on playing 3-6 more years, Federer fans will be in full delight to see the Swiss star play on past 2015, perhaps until 2018.

“Well Agassi played until 36, so, I hope its another at least 3 to 5, 6 years, thats kind of my answer, yeah, so we’ll see how it goes…I completely agree with him (former soccer star Marco van Basten) that you should play as long as you can if you get a chance to.”

This week Federer will rest and prepare ahead of next week’s ATP 500 event in Dubai, starting February 27. See RF Activity for more.

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