A few months ago, Wilson announced the new Ultra performance racket, part of the brand new Ultra line. Now available, the Wilson Ultra provides easy power with just as easy maneuverability to match it. The huge sweet spot may be the largest of any Wilson racket to date.

The review unit I was given was the Wilson Ultra 100, weighing 10.6 ounces unstrung, and a 7 points headlight balance. The cushion foam handle along with parallel drilling technology really softened all impact on the frame, which makes the Ultra an extremely easy racket to swing, lightly or full ‘grip and rip.’ With an all around muted feel, the frame gives a comfortable experience swinging away from the baseline off both sides.

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Wilson Ultra 100

Wilson Ultra Review

It was at times unbelievable how whippy you could hit groundstrokes with the Ultra 100. Comfort and forgiveness are packed into the same racket. By feeling, the Ultra has a low swingweight, making every shot feel plush. The serve amplifies the frame’s muted feel, but it is great at generating tons of spin on kick serves. I had a little trouble adjusting to hitting slices as with my RF97, but drop shots came much easier. The Ultra 100 is a racket any tennis player can pick up and play with, without the need of customization.

Being accustomed to heavier rackets (12.5+ ounces), I was very surprised how the Ultra 100 absorbed and sent back volleys without faltering because of its ‘light’ weight of 10.6 ounces. For a conventional 16 x 19 string pattern, the frame gives off a lot more spin, a characteristic you would expect to see in rackets such as the Pro Staff 97S, with more mains than crosses.

Outside of the Wilson Pro Staff RF97, obviously, the new Ultra 100 is my favorite Wilson racket for how easy it is to swing off both wings and generate topspin. It is extremely easy to swing and a lot of fun as well.

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